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    17% of cardiac surgeons are women, 17% of tenured professors are women. It just goes on and on. And isn’t that strange that that’s also the percentage of women in crowd scenes in movies? What if we’re actually training people to see that ratio as normal so that when you’re an adult, you don’t notice?

    …We just heard a fascinating and disturbing study where they looked at the ratio of men and women in groups. And they found that if there’s 17% women, the men in the group think it’s 50-50. And if there’s 33% women, the men perceive that as there being more women in the room than men.


    Source: NPR: Hollywood Needs More Women

    Seriously, go listen to this.

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    god i hope my history teacher doesnt get extremely offended by this

    we have to adapt a story to be about something weve been studying and read it to the class

    my group is doing the very hungry hitler



    so hitler took poland

    but he was still hungry

    I’m super high right now and nearly fell off my bed because if this

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"Do you remember the most frightened you’ve ever been?""When I thought I’d have to raise my son alone. His father and I weren’t getting along.""Sounds like you worked things out with the father?""No. The fear just went away when I learned I could do it on my own."


    "Do you remember the most frightened you’ve ever been?"
    "When I thought I’d have to raise my son alone. His father and I weren’t getting along."
    "Sounds like you worked things out with the father?"
    "No. The fear just went away when I learned I could do it on my own."

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    If you haven’t taken the ‘Which Citizen of Night Vale are You?’ test then you’re missing out. 

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    Looking for women-positive and women-centric prompts to write fanfic for? Wanted to participate in Rarewomen 2014 but missed the deadline or weren’t up for a proper fic exchange?

    You can now view all of the requests that were made for the challenge here, sorted by fandom or recipient. You can also access a spreadsheet with all of the author letters (sorted by fandoms!) for all of your treating needs.

    In case it hasn’t been emphasized enough, treating is not only welcomed, but desperately encouraged. The main goal of this ficathon was always to generate more fanfic about the overlooked female characters, and treats certainly help with that. We’re leaving all the requests visible, so you are free to write as many fics of any length as you like. You do not have to be an official participant in order to write treats, so feel free to link the spreadsheet and requests around, if you think other people might be interested in writing you (or others) treats.

    Anything you write can be uploaded to the main archive here. All stories will be revealed on May 10th.


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    Kids Say the Darndest Things (24 Pics)



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    We do not become healers.
    We came as healers.
    We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become storytellers.
    We came as carriers of the stories
    we and our ancestors actually lived.
    We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become artists.
    We came as artists.
    We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not become writers, dancers,
    musicians, helpers, peacemakers.
    We came as such.
    We are.
    Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

    We do not learn to love in this sense.
    We came as Love.
    We are Love.
    Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.

    — Clarissa Pinkola Estes (via blkcowrie)
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    I don’t think you understand how accurate this is.

    this is so relevant it hurts.

    The amount of truth to this…I have no regrets 

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  9. Maybe it’s just my type.

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    This is one of my favorite expressions in the whole series.

    Sherlock is seeing just how hurt and isolated John is at this moment.  And I love that John’s comment is bitter and snarky, but you don’t really know just from what he says how deep it runs.  It’s Sherlock’s look here that lets you know how much John is really hurting.  (And god, they play off each other so beautifully.)

    And I love that some of John’s pain is Sherlock’s fault, and Sherlock’s recognizing that.  And some of it is John lashing out at Sherlock even though it’s not Sherlock’s fault.  

    And I think Sherlock was braced for that, going into this whole confrontation, I think that—well, that and him re-injuring himself—is why he seems a bit tense and coiled-up through this scene.  Sherlock isn’t going into this with no horses in the race.  He does have something to lose.  He could alienate John.  And the careful way he draws parallels between himself and Mary, the way he basically is saying, “We’re alike, we do the same things, we do the same things to you, and you love the same things about us”—it’s a technique that could, on the one hand, calm John down from his anger with Mary and steer him back to focusing on the things he loves about her, but on the other hand, it could transfer John’s anger at Mary back toward Sherlock.  John’s unlikely to simply write Sherlock off at this point, after what they’ve already gone through this season, but he’s got plenty of reason to be furious, and if anything was likely to bring that skeleton back out of the closet, it was this moment right here.

    All of which is amazing.  And yet it’s still not as amazing as the love and empathy and exasperation and resignation in Sherlock’s look toward John right there.  It’s one of those looks where you can tell he’s seeing his friend so clearly. <3

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    ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

    Erica Goldson must have had some serious balls to give this speech

    This is beautiful.

    this is so wonderful 

    This hit hard. Our education system is desperately in need of fixing.

    This is truly amazing

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    are you ever so involved in your own little world you actually forget most people are actually offended by things like nudity and certain clothes and body types and sexual orientations


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    Suits (2013) -  Ben Zank

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    I just saw this ad playing before a youtube video and I had to stop and watch the whole thing. Incredible.

    Watch this. Now

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